Meet the Drivers

Two Crawfords chauffeurs and drivers

Here at Crawfords of London it takes more than just a drivers license to become one of our elite drivers and chauffeurs. We provide:
  • Highly trained drivers with extensive knowledge of London and other major UK cities
  • Strict privacy and confidentiality agreements in place for your security
  • Bilingual and close protection chauffeurs available

An experienced and specialist team of drivers

All our chauffeurs have a wealth of experience in the industry. The majority of our chauffeurs have undertaken additional qualifications to further enhance the standard of service that they provide. We also have a team of close protection chauffeurs who will guarantee the personal safety of our more security conscientious clientele is at the forefront of their every action.

A chauffeur to match your requirements

With such a wide range of chauffeurs we take great care to find the perfect match for all of our passengers. We will do this based on lifestyle, personality and any other individual requirements. No special request is too much for our chauffeurs, whether it is to have your favourite coffee waiting in the vehicle before that early morning meeting, or to make sure that they have a charger for your mobile phone. We hope you agree - everything is possible with the Crawfords service. Find out more about our team.

COVID-19 – At Crawfords, we are committed to ensuring the safety of our passengers and our drivers by following TfL’s advice for PHV operators. For further details click here