Inside a TV studio

For as long as we can remember, Crawfords have been the number one transport supplier to the world of media and entertainment.

  • Highly experienced onsite co-ordinators

  • Comprehensive planning ensures all guests arrive on time

  • Access to our delivery services for all-in-one logistics solutions

We supply vehicles to many large productions, including the most popular reality TV shows on the BBC, exclusive movie premieres and the National Television Awards amongst many others. It is testament to the services we provide that some of our customers have been using us to deliver their productions for over fifteen years.

We provide a single point of contact who will manage the arrival planning and onsite co-ordinators, while ensuring that the most suitable of our wide range of vehicles and services are used in each instance.

We appreciate the stresses, tight scheduling and flexibility required for these events, especially when they are live, so it helps that our teams are invested and passionate fans of the shows and events they work on!